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Biografía Profesional de Felix Negron

Felix Negron

Número de Asociado: 0001994/2020


Breve Descripción Curricular destacable (Short Bios)

Felix Negron MCSIS, CISSP

Founder & CEO threatSHIELD Security


Felix Negron graduated with a B.S. in Information Technology and a Masters in Computer Science. He has over 20 certifications within a variety of fields and is a serialization expert. Mr. Negron is an active member of the FBI Private Sector Alliance and holds a Level 4 CJIS Certificate.

Mr. Negron is currently the CEO of threatSHIELD Security and Intelitechnologies - a company dedicated exclusively to vCIO services. In his role, he has been able to work in collaboration with the FBI/Mandiant/FireEye, controlling and remediating cyber-attacks to USA SME and Large Enterprises. He was instrumental in building the black network for Coca-Cola industries and protected the Coke recipe for 8 years.


Among his many achievements, Felix has developed and built a proprietary appliance to detect abnormal behavior within computer networks in REAL TIME. The science fed to this proprietary product has enable threatSHIELD Security to accomplish a record “5 YEARS” without a single cyber-security breach to any of their clients. This security appliance has been approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Mr. Negron has also developed a product to detect and restore data within minutes in case of a Ransomware attack.

For the majority of 2019, Mr. Negron dedicated incalculable hours to the improvement and development of the “Cyber-Security Appliance Next Gen” which was launched at the end of December 2019, with the first one being shipped to their newest client in Europe.

He’s an advocator for innovation, never stops investigating, and learning.

Mr. Negron is also the President of Foundation Protecting Helpless Children and travels frequently to the countries where the Foundation has its projects to personally supervise their development.

Experiencia en Compliance

1. Managed Cyber Security

Our comprehensive cybersecurity 12-step approach to monitor your network in REAL-TIME  24/7 through our proprietary system stopping all attacks before it becomes a breach.

2. Pen -Test

We perform a manual simulated cyberattack on your network consisting of 2 hours of reconnaissance, 2 hours of exploits/attacks per IP address and a detailed final report of all findings.

3. Full Network | Risk Assessment

A detailed analysis and report of your existing infrastructure’s management, security, processes and performance to identify all opportunities for improvement. 

4. Reverse Engineering

The techniques used by TSS work from five basic perspectives: source, data analysis, presentation, validation, and prediction.

5. Ransomware Remediation & Forensics

In the case that your institution is not protected by our 12-step approach and security device and you are Hit by Ransomware, we perform virus removal, forensics and incident response. 

6. vCIO | vCISO Services

We will collaborate with your IT department and perform same functions as a conventional CIO. The difference… it will cost you a fraction of hiring a full time CIO.

7. Vulnerability Assessment

Our engineers will identify, quantify, and prioritize the vulnerabilities in your network.

8. Maturity Assessment

We assess your organization to determine the degree of maturity of your implementation processes and make suggestions on new strategies.

9. Compliance Reporting

Whether HIPAA, PCI, GDPR; we’ve got you covered.

10. Cybersecurity Education | Spear-Phishing | Remote Monitoring

A well protected network starts with education. We offer Cybersecurity training for your employees on best practices, risk mitigation and password use and complexity. 


Servicios profesionales ofrecidos

15 years managing procesess and policies across multiple verticals.

Ámbito geográfico en el que ofrece sus servicios
  1. Panama
  2. USA
  3. Europe
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